Above and Beyond Travel, Inc. is owned by Debbie Schwab. I started in Jan of 1980 with a corporate travel agency and remained in that line of travel for 8 years. Next in my career, I began focusing on sports, celebrity, and group travel. That offered exciting new opportunities. In 1990, I established Above and Beyond Travel, Inc. I had never envisioned owning a travel agency, but with the right partners and the same mindset it just happened. Our goal was to be a travel agency servicing the client, over selling the travel suppliers.

We have so much pride in matching our guests with travel experiences that fill their visions. We work to provide tools to clients to make quality and educated decisions for travel. Embracing this, brought a new found love for a diverse area of travel. I then fell in love with customizing trips! Designing trips, short or long is never the same. This industry is constantly changing and for that, we are excited with each travel request we are invited to participate in.

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